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American Apparel

American Apparel

Problem: How can American Apparel shed their sleazy reputation and remain relevant to their target of young urban hipsters?

Solution: A campaign to highlight the fact that our clothing, like the country in which it's produced, is designed for all. American Apparel will remain controversial in a way that appeals to their target market by taking a firm pro-immigration stance. 




The Instagram for American Apparel would feature different models and environments to show today's real America. It would also feature short documentaries on immigrants to get a look on how they perceive America.

Welcome Box


To help support those affected by the Muslim Ban and to those who simply need help getting adjusted in their new life here in America, we included a welcome box that would be donated to a variety of immigrants. It would include the city tote, a sweatshirt or t-shirt, transportation aids and a welcome booklet. 

Copywriter: Lauren Fritsch    Photographer: Jasmine McGill