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Eclipse by Ray-Ban

Eclipse by Ray-Ban

Bronze Award for Branding in the Creative Circus Student show

A collateral brand extension for Ray-Ban which includes branding, packaging, advertising and digital components. 

A full sun care line was created to insure that customers would have the ultimate coverage for body, lips and hair. The clear, lightweight, SPF formula protects your skin from UV rays while protecting your cool.

The sample kit consists of 3 travel sized lip balm, hairy spray and sunscreen. Sample kits will be given out at the launch event in cities across the country to allow people to try out the products. On August 21st, 2017, the United States will experience its first total solar eclipse in nearly four decades.

Doubling as both an event and a product launch, we are using this event as an opportunity for people to view the eclipse, attend a concert and launch our brand.  All attendees of the event will receive a pair of Eclipiticals. Similarly designed to Ray-Ban’s famous Wayfarers, these glasses will protect your eyes, while viewing the eclipse. 

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Art Directors: Brittany Johnson + Katherine Stewart     Copywriter: Mike Harrell     Photographer: Tyler Smith